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Phantom, Parti and Solid Standard Poodles
A little about me...
My name is Dinora Zambrana and I have two beautiful daughters. Together we are a team! We do just about everything together.  We reside in the city of Hesperia, CA. I work from home. I am a certified Tax preparer and Bookkeeper. My biggest goal is to become a criminal defense attorney. I hope to start law school in the coming up year.
I volunteer out in our community... I help out at my girl's school a lot. I feel that it is extremely important to be involved in a child's education in order for them to be successful. This being said, I also volunteer for a kid's at risk program with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Station, HPAL. We try to guide them in the right direction through the sport of boxing. This program is ran by our local Deputies, who together with the community strive to make a difference in these kid's lives. I enjoy being able to help others and seeing the final results of success.
We own a cat by the name of Hello Kitty, a toy poodle by the name of Baby Bops and my Standard Poodles, Dam Lifestyle's Jaydah and Sire Prince Montez. These are our family pets. They are raised in our home with much love and care.  They are well socialized with small and large animals, cats, young children and developmentally delayed people. Our pets are part of our daily lives and family... We enjoy spending time with them and making memories. I have been told they are a bit spoiled, but it's OK. We wouldn't have it any other way! We love them to pieces and treat them as part of the pack! 
 Once I got to know the poodle breed, I  fell in love. Baby Bop was my first poodle. She is not a standard. She is a toy poodle. Although there is a huge difference in the size between the toy's and the standard poodles, they do have the similarity of being hypoallergenic dogs. I then began to look into acquiring a Standard Poodle. It was the best decision I had ever made. Jaydah was our first Standard Poodle!
I remember when I first brought her home. I was afraid of how she was going to be. However, to my surprise she was nearly perfect! I could not believe how quickly she learned things. I didn't even have to potty train her! It was like she just wanted to please me and do no wrong!. She has taught me to appreciate and respect the Standard Poodle breed. I would not change my pets for the world.
This is the reason why I decided to help others acquire their furever family pet. My biggest concern is that my puppies go to a caring and loving home. I want to be able to keep in touch with their new pack leader to follow their growth in life, as this is important for our family.  

The Family Pets...

  Prince      Montez 


Baby Bops

Hello Kitty